Grow Your Business With Cyber Cafe Software

Cyber cafes have been very popular since the boost in internet usage. The cyber cafe business has gained lots of popularity because it provides you large chances for growth and is a good resource for earning money. Nowadays different people visit cyber cafes for different purposes. Playing online games,Grow Your Business With Cyber Cafe Software Articles chatting, net surfing and making international calls from the cyber cafes are the most common activities. Being the owner of the cyber cafe, you must be very conscious about maintaining a decent environment in your cafe while ensuring security and integrity of computers. Reliability and security assurance enhances the customer ship and business of your cyber cafe to a great deal. We provide you with the solution for all of your concerns related to security, billing and account maintenance. This cyber cafe software is unique in its services because of its diversity. It is not only the best option for your cyber cafe, but also is a viable option for the hospitals, colleges, universities and many other business related organizations.

This software will enable you to run your business in a satisfactory manner, as it saves you from involving in many hectic tasks. You need not note the in and out times for all the customers in your cafe, rather antamedia cafe will do this for you by automatically locking the internet services when the customer’s paid time becomes over. If the customer wants to avail internet for more time, then he/she will have to refill the account. Moreover, each user will be assigned specific authentication information consisting of a unique login name and password, so that he/she doesn’t have access to the information of other customers. Hence cyber cafe software will save you from any deceitful act on behalf of users. Therefore you cyber security managed services must apt for the installation of antamedia cyber cafe software to grow your business with ease and satisfaction.

To avoid the creation of a perturbed environment in your cafe by the usage of illegal sites, antamedia cyber cafe software provides you with the options for blocking and unblocking of different websites. Moreover, if you are unsure that your employees may not provide you exact information about the income of whole day or week, you can simply install antamedia cyber cafe software and control the billing for the whole period. You can generate statistics report to keep a track of the timings and income during specific dates.

Major features of the antamedia cyber cafe software are billing and income control, generation of detailed statistics and reports, locks on computers for information security, password protected employee accounts and timers. All these features are really necessary for running any business in a smooth manner. Rest assured, this software will bring a great change in your business scenario. You will not only get mental satisfaction, but also will notice a boost in your customers and hence profit. This software is easy to install on any computer system and can bring you on the track of a successful business with a small expense. So, without waiting set out to purchase antamedia cyber cafe software and enjoy the pleasure of a soothing environment in your cyber cafe.